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Points to


Color Accuracy

Aaron Wills strive to achieve color accuracy as close to international pantone chart. However, please note that it is still difficult to achieve a 100% accuracy from pantone charts. Aaron Wills provides free color proof for customers with bulk purchases selected. Customer can consider to purchase color proof if they wish to ensure color accuracy. We will not be able to provide any refunds, exchange or guarantee for 100% color accuracy.


Large format printers are able to process prints in RGB or CMYK mode. Hence, Aaron Wills is able to accept both format.

Size Variance/Tolerance

There will be a tolerance of plus/minus 5% (percent) for size variance from actual artwork as artwork goes through different machines processing. Usually a 1 to 5mm difference may be experienced. We will not able to provide any refunds, exchange or guarantee for 100% size variance.


File Resolution for large format printing can be set approximately between 150 to 300 dpi depending on the actual dimensions of the file. Our in-house designers will help to do a basic quality check of your submitted file and notify you if the resolution is unacceptable. However, it is still at the discretion of the client to check and submit high resolution files before print. We will not be able to provide any refunds, exchange or guarantee for any poor quality prints due to poor artwork resolution.

Absolute Artwork

Aaron Wills will by no means alter, edit your file for our processing purpose unless otherwise advise by customers.
We will not be able to provide any refunds, exchange or guarantee for mistakes in the artwork that was submitted by the client.

Font Size

We recommend minimum font size 10 for most typeface as the pixels of large format printing is bigger than offset printing machines.

Archival of Artwork Files

Aaron Wills will archive client artwork files for a maximum of 30 days. Please kindly make a backup of all your artwork before submitting a copy to Aaron Wills. We will not be liable for any lost or corrupted files during file transfer.

Material/Media/Product Quality & Consistency

Aaron Wills strives to import materials/ products from reputable supplier internationally. However, we are unable to guarantee that all materials are free from manufacturing defects with similar consistency throughout different batches.

Aaron Wills provides a 7 days warranty period for all display systems purchased against manufacturer defects only. We will choose to replace the defective part or the entire display system at the discretion of the company. Warranty sticker needs to be presented on the product and not tampered with for the exchange to valid.

Aaron Wills prints are done using Eco-Solvent Printing Machines with Eco-Solvent ink formula. Eco-Solvent prints are able to endure between 1 month to 3 years in an outdoor climate condition. However, do note that all print media may experience certain amount of shrinkage / discoloration / scratches depending on the geographic location, humidity, weathering exposure, human traffic of the prints being displayed. Therefore, Aaron Wills is unable to provide any warranty for shrinkages / discoloration / scratches that occurs on the prints of different media.